Night Time Grilling

As the nights grow longer and the days grow shorter, it is inevitable. We all season grill masters have to be ready to work in the night. After a long day of work; dreaming about our locally raised Jersey cattle, Ribeye Cuts, Marinating all day. I cant let the dark limit my outdoor cooking.    

I pop off the grill cover, start the heat and watch the frost disappear. I clean and prep the grill and watch the glimmer of my LED lit knobs. I swing over the built in light and thank my little man for picking out a grill with built in lighting. Monument Grills thought of working people like me when they added this feature. 


With my Grill cooking, my Assistant Grill master brings me the  tray of delicious ribeye's. The searing perfection of our home made marinade hits the air. Works long forgotten with a cold beer and a hot grill. After the perfectly timed flip and the patient slow cook preserving that extra tender bite and a way to sneak in another icy beverage, we are off to the rest cut and enjoy portion of a long day.


Don't Let the cold stop you, the long winter nights not even the rain. Grill Masters find the right Grill for every day of the year.